The library. librarians  and writing room of  The Athenaeum, London.   The librarians and library,  The Mechanics Institute and Library,  San Francisco.   Wolfson College, Cambridge, UK .  The libraries of Stanford University.   The Turkish keepers of  the grotto of St Peter and Paul, Antioch   St Joseph of Arimathea (Anglican) Seminary, where were nurtured interests in the early church. 

Personal thanks for their role in my work, thought,  on Cornelius and his times:  

Fr. Dominic Bertogli, the Roman Catholic mission, Antioch, (Antakya), Hatay,  Turkey, host to my stays in Antioch

The Rev. Aaron Gilmartin,  Unitarian-Universalist Church  (under whose guidance I preached my first sermon) 

The Rev. Dr. Alexander  Golitsin,  Professor of Theology, Marquette Jesuit University    (teacher,  colleague, friend)

Sam Hume, Prof. of Drama, founder of the Greek Theater, University of California, Berkeley, A magnificent skeptic, his atheism born of scholarly, clear reason, and in confidence in  the moral man, so avoiding any theological, Christological “vacuum of metaphysics” likewise rejected by his ancestral kinsman, the great philosopher David Hume. 

The Most Reverend Robert Morse, Archbishop Emeritus, (Anglican) Diocese of Christ the King.   earlier Seminary Rector,  friend, priest, 

The Rev. Dr. Edward  Ouelette,  one time Chair, Dept. of Religion.  Defiance College ,Ohio,  a Congregational-Christian college  (under whom I was a Divinity Studies major))

George Simson,  Prof. Emeritus,  Dept of English, the University of Hawaii,  Founder and Editor, Biography, the International Journal   scholar,  colleague, friend

The Rev. D . John Watson, Scholar Priest,  Editor,  Journal of Christianity in the Near East, Advisor to Coptic Popes, Coptic scholar,  colleague, friend.


No person acknowledged has read the MS in advance. A name here des not imply that person would endorse or approve


Martial, Epigrams translated by James Michie 

Juvenal, trans: Peter Green 

Lucian: trans Paul Turner

Front cover, background photograph: Van Heyden, A. and Scullard, H. H., Atlas of the Classical World, London, Nelson, 1963, p 111. Early Byzantine Christ on a cross; stone amulet from Antakya street market, presumably the original is in an Hatay museum


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