Note: Only some of these sources are directly cited in the Postscript, or as literary quotations in the text. These latter are, obviously, works known in  AD 128. All the sources have been of use in structuring a context, identifying themes, practices, beliefs, bearing up S. Cornelius’ life and times as presented here.  Out of the whole of such sources, and other learning, one builds an “apperceptive mass* as well as establishing  particulars of fact or then extant folklore and philosophy. A glance at the bibliography  shows a range of these, most “respectable”in terms of objective scholarship. Parochial works are entered if they are sole source, or historically particularly pertinent works. In some cases, reviews are cited.  A few scientific sources offer “grounding”  of an empirical, here intended to be thought- provoking  sort.  All entries reflect the intellectual, religio-ideological bias of,  and, for relevant citations absent, the disciplinary, scholarly limitations of  S. Cornelius.

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