“Two extravagances: to exclude Reason, to admit only Reason”

Blaise Pascal

A man of clear ideas errs grievously if he imagines that whatever is seen confusedly does not exist: it belongs to him when he meets with such a thing, to dispel the mist and fix the outlines of the vague form which is looming through it.

John Stuart Mill


    Both quotations from the Introduction to Isaiah Berlin’s Against the Current

In support of biographical renewals, from Polybius Book VI, P 5:

The glorious memory of brave men is continually renewed…(and) becomes part of the heritage of posterity .. The chief benefit of the ceremony (of writing of the man) is that it inspired (the)  young. in the hope of obtaining the glory which awaits the brave

from Tacitus, Agricola, 46:

… cleave to the lineaments and features of the soul. (so) only the image of the soul remains, (to) be known and preserved not through statues and effigies, but in the way you live.  (

Goethe (as cited by Freud in his Civilization and its Discontents)”He who possesses science and art also has religion, but he who possesses neither of these two, let him have religion”

Mathew Arnold: “Creeds pass, rites change, no altar standeth whole”  From Monica’s Last Prayer, quoted by Pelikan, (2003)

                        Burkert,  Homo Necans, “…blood and violence lurk…at the very heart of religion” 

Nobel Poet Milosz quoted Russian poet Joseph Brodsky as saying, “I write not for those who will come, but to please the shades of my poetic forbearers”`


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