Dick Blum writing under the pen name Benjamin Cornelius

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What critics have said about the author, his books:

As essence, literary critic Terry White concluding upon reviewing several books:

The author is prolific in the sciences, literature and philosophy (and is) the most versatile of scholars and humanists writing today.

For Old Tom, Young Tom: selected by Biography (a learned journal)

among "the best biography published in 1984." (Nov. 1985).

Critic and English Professor Terry White says of Cornelius Bishop of Antioch, Roman Syria, 128

held me rapt an extraordinary gift for painting a tumultuous and chaotic era fascinating. making the reader be there alive in an era of momentous transition. Magnificently done(a) magnum opus.

He describe an earlier work as brilliant, witty, enlightening well crafted a writer prolific in the sciences, literature and philosophy concluding that the author is the most versatile of scholars and humanists writing today compares with Graham Greene. Prof. G Simson, founder and editor of Biography, the Journal, is, in Cornelius reminded of Umberto Eco in aesthetic and style evocative symbolism


Of Cornelius, Bishop, Sven Forsling, winner of one of Sweden's oldest and most prestigious prizes, The Allmanna Barnhusets Stora Pris for writing, the humanities, social service, , says of it. It is a novel written by a poet. Every word has its color. Every sentence has its rhythm. It is a beautiful book. I will read it as a poem. I will take my time, and it will be a time full of joy

Reviewers have spoken of echoes of Melville and Hawthorne, in this strikingly original author. Steinbeck authority Lazarus applauds the authors gifts of imagination, talent and style. Television and screen writer C. Larson, says of one novel, a beautiful, strong, poetic swing, The Times Literary Supplement, in a front page review of his book , Health and Healing in Rural Greece , states of it the best sociological investigation of Greek mores ever written clear, objective, insightful about the socio-religious

He is co author of The Dangerous Hour, an internationally regarded work on Greek folklore . Its Forewor d by Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark says (his) treatment of ...the irrational in the Greek psyche (is) thorough,-most important,t arresting. Respecting his The Medical School (under the pen name, G P (for Galen Paracelsus) Hosmer, one reviewer called it a new kind of science fiction by the Edgar Allen Poe of modern medicine whereas another reviewer, describing its focus on magical science, and technological black magic, said of it, the creation of a wonderfully witty, diabolically academic, deliciously nasty mind.

On Cornelus, the first purchasing reader, a building contractor, called to say, the only writer with whom the author is to be compared is John Milton.

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